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#2 Sergio Zamudio, Center Mid


Position: Center Mid
Date of Birth: 06/22/1995
Height: 5' 4"   Weight: 135 lbs
Resides: Chula Vista, CA
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0 Sebastian Ortiz Goalkeeper
13 Luis Alvarado Center Back
17 Jorge Gomez Center Back
4 Gilberto Perez-Lopez Center Back
5 Angel Gonzalez Outside Back Left
20 Alberto Diaz Center Mid
3 Luis Espinoza Center Mid
21 Angel Pinal Center Mid
10 Jose Luis Altamirano Center Mid
9 Manuel Carillo Center Mid
8 Francisco Ramirez Center Mid
12 Jaime Verdin Center Mid
2 Sergio Zamudio Center Mid
8 Carlos Ibarra Center Mid
7 Alejandro Lopez Center Forward
14 Luis Jay Baltazar Outside Forward Left

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