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06/04/2016 6:33 PM -

The 2016/17 soccer season, is set to be one of the best and proudest season’s in the history of Chula Vista FC.  Starting in the 2016/17 U.S. Soccer Development Academy Season, 56 youth clubs from across the country will join the Under 12’s U.S. Soccer Development Academy and we are delighted to announce, one of the clubs invited to join, is Chula Vista FC.

The Under 12’s Soccer Development Academy is set-up with the final goal in mind, of developing young talent, in to the elite soccer players of the future.  Some of the clubs who are going to be joining the academy this year, have already produced players who have gone on to greatness in the world game.  Clint Mathis, Damarcus Beasley and Geoff Cameron are three examples of players, who have gone on to forge excellent professional soccer careers.

Here at Chula Vista FC, our goal is to develop Under 12 soccer players in to the next stars of the US National team and provide them with the very best opportunity to make it as a professional soccer player, at the highest level.  Just how well do players in the academy develop?  Well, a recent example shows just what clubs and players involved in the academy are capable of, as the four semi-finalists in the Boys 2004 Division in the Manchester City FC Americas Cup, are all part of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy.

The new clubs joining the Under 12’s U.S. Soccer Development Academy, including Chula Vista FC, will have a new group of qualified technical staff, focused on developing youth players.  The combined staff among all new clubs, will include a group of over 100 U.S. Soccer “A” licensed Academy directors and coaches.  This means, any player who is part of the Chula Vista Under 12’s U.S. Soccer Development Academy, will benefit from top level coaching, the likes of which is unavailable elsewhere.  If you are a parent, looking to sign up your child to a soccer academy, which will give them the very best chance possible of making it in the highly competitive world of professional soccer, the Chula Vista FC academy is the place to be.

In addition, if you are located in the South San Diego area, then Chula Vista FC is the only soccer club to be a member of the US Soccer Development Academy.  Therefore, to try and find a soccer club, which is not only accepting new players at under 12 level but also holds academy status, will take much travelling and expense.  At Chula Vista FC, we still have some places available and it does not matter if a player has played for another club, they are still welcome to join Chula Vista FC.

That’s right, if a player has, up until now, been representing another soccer club in the area, it does not prevent them from joining Chula Vista FC.  Other teams in the South San Diego area, who have been participating in the Manchester City FC Americas Cup, will have noticed how all four of the semi-finalists are part of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy.  This is not a coincidence, especially as it’s all four of the semi-finalists, not just one or two of them.  These results show what being part of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy can do for a soccer club and the performances of its players and team, at under 12’s level. 

Proof of what joining the Chula Vista FC Under 12’s U.S. Soccer Development Academy, is further highlighted during the same tournament, by the fact two of our players are playing in the semi-final.  The club loaned two players, Rigoberto Arellano and Jesse Crespo, to the San Diego Surf 2004 USSDA White team and they have made it through the semi-final stage.  Therefore, now is the time to consider their future.  It is not very often a young soccer player career has the option to join a local U.S. Development Academy but that option has just become a reality, for those willing to grasp it.  Do not delay in registering your interest, as the few remaining spots in the Chula Vista FC Under 12’s U.S. Development Academy, are not going to be available for long.

All the fantastic benefits of being in the academy, including qualified technical staff focused on developing youth players, entry in to the very best tournaments, plus development and oppor to play at the highest level, will only be available to those players who are part of Chula Vista FC.  If you are not part of Chula Vista FC, you will be missing out on all of these fantastic benefits.

The future of U.S. Soccer in South San Diego, is Chula Vista FC and you can be part of it.