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Chula Vista FC’s Director of Coaching, Jose Hector Diaz Jr, is excited to have been given the task to coach this season’s B2001 SDDA Select Team. Diaz explained about what the SDDA Select project is all about and its goals: “We are trying to concentrate the best group of players in San Diego and give them more exposure to the Cal-South ODP teams. There are 4 SDDA Select teams: Boys 2002, Girls 2002, Boys 2001 and Girls 2001. They will play against Cal-South Pro+ teams and hopefully get scouted for that team in the future.” 

Diaz task in selecting the best 19 players for his B2001 team has not been easy due to the vast amount of talent that SDDA has. Diaz said: “The talent level was good. Final decisions were tough to make. Tryouts averaged about 35-45 kids in each age group. I had set a deadline to choose my final roster on Monday and ended up having to take an extra day to decide.”

For players, it was a very exciting experience to have been chosen to these Select Teams. Chula Vista FC’s Hannah Human, who made the Girls 2002 Select Team, had this to say about her selection: “When I found out I had made the Select Team, I felt very excited and happy for myself. I think this experience will benefit me by helping me to get better.” Human also shared her goals: My goals are to be an inspiration to everyone and to play for the USA National Team like my favorite player Hope Solo.” Another two Chula Vista FC’s players that were chosen for Select Teams, Jose Saucedo (B2002) and Diego Medina (B2001), also shared that they felt very happy and excited when they found out they had made their teams. Saucedo said: “I think this experience will benefit me because I will play against others at a more challenging level. My goal is to become a professional player and represent my country in the World Cup.” Medina, who made an older Select Team, said: “This experience will help improve my game since I will be playing against taller and older players.” Medina also wants to play professional soccer like Saucedo does. Both players favorite team is FC Barcelona and they also agreed that Lionel Messi is their favorite player. A total of eight Chula Vista FC players made the select teams. 

Each Select Team has set different practice friendlies to prepare for the big game against Cal-South Pro+. Diaz has already a full schedule for them before the big game. We will keep you posted on how Diaz’ B2001 Select Team did and how our other Chula Vista FC’s players performed in their respective Select Teams.

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