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Pro team in the future for the City of Chula Vista?

Oscar Zamora, Staff Writer - November 24, 2019
With the excitement about yesterday’s victory still flowing through our bodies, we reflect a little on the past, present and future of our club.
Founded in 1982 as Chula Vista Youth Soccer League (CVYSL), this club has seen changes in names (Scorpions, Pumas, Pumas Academy, Pumas Premier, Chula Vista Futbol Club), Presidents (Bill Loughney, Armando Saenz, Hugo Molina, Oscar Zamora, Guy Boccia), uniforms (White, sky blue, navy, burgundy, red) but the key ingredient has always been about our Chula Vista city kids to stay out of the streets and do something productive and enjoy playing the game of soccer. We have kept our registration fees as low as possible so this can happen.
As time progressed, we started to appreciate the talent that this players had in our club and began pondering the dream to one day have the chance to showcase this talent to not only the county of San Diego, but also beyond that. This dream, that started with President Hugo Molina, began taking shape when a young man by the name of Hector Diaz joined our club. His Dad, Hector Diaz Sr, and him had already experienced what it was to win National Cup and various out of state tournaments.
Molina reflects on Diaz accomplishments: “I knew that Hector could take the club to a higher level some day. But I never could have imagined that it would happen in such short time.”
When Molina asked Oscar Zamora to take the club’s presidency, his condition to take over was to promote Diaz as the club’s Director of Coaching. “Diaz opened a lot of different and interesting alternatives that had not been reachable in the past. His experience without doubt, was the key on turning around our club and having it be in the same level as the ‘big’ clubs in the county. Some coaches that had been with the club longer were upset at me because I took this decision. But I guess time has proven that I made the right choice.”
We are now enjoying this present moment. We have our Youth Program’s teams in DA, SDDA, etc. and need to concentrate on being able to advance further with our Adult Program in the US Open Cup. But we also need to think about our club’s future. One thing at a time of course. But we should start laying down the foundations to something bigger. A pro team? Current Club’s President, Guy Boccia, reflects: “We always have had hopes for a pro team. The victory always gives more recognition to the organization and a community. A pro team would be welcomed.” But before all this happens, Molina thinks that: “We must solidify the club first. There are a couple of projects (1904 and Loyal) backed up by people with renown names (Hazard and Donovan) already. So we must plan it wisely.”
The club has climbed up the ladder at a steady pace. Why not think and work hard to achieve something bigger? Its a goal that we hope we are all able to achieve in the near future.

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