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Chula Vista FC leading with its girls program

Chula Vista FC recently removed its Director of Girls and unified its program with the boys. Director Hector Diaz explains, “We made a mistake establishing a Director of Girls program. When I asked myself if we wanted the girls’ side to play a different style than the boys, the answer was no. So I thought, ‘Why do we have a Director of Girls?’ Also, after reviewing the program, it was stagnant and on a no-growth path. Our boys’ program has been successful, and it is the only DA program in the South Bay. So, why not replicate that with the girls? First, I needed to oversee the full club and to increase the quality of established stage directors, who oversee boys and girls and are developed based on the learning phases of children.”
This shift rifts from the standard in local clubs in that have both a girls’ and a boys’ director and establishes a progressive idea that will surely impact clubs in the future. Chula Vista FC is leading the way again, but this time in the girls’ side, which was something that had not been mentioned in a while. Chula Vista FC is traditionally known as a club with strong boys’ teams and its successful men’s program.
We asked Coach Melanie what it means to coach a girls’ team at Chula Vista FC in light of this new shift.
During my short tenure as a coach at Chula Vista FC, I have been given the ability to coach the girls’ 2009 team, and it indeed has been a fun experience. I feel like the only woman coach in the club. I have been able to make connections and genuinely relate to the kids I have had the opportunity to coach. They are a group of girls that works hard and honestly care and want to further their knowledge of the game of soccer, and I have been lucky enough to help them improve. Coaching girls is different from coaching boys, but for anyone who says women can’t play soccer or are not as good as the boys, they are wrong because these girls are amazing and are getting better every day.
We asked Coach Beto (Humberto Rico) what it means to coach a girls’ team at Chula Vista FC in light of this new shift.
I see coaching in the girls’ program as an opportunity to change a life. Traditionally in our community’s culture, girls are seen as the helpers in a family; they are seen as the ones that do the work at home, and as a father of four girls, I feel that it’s vital for girls to know that they can do anything a boy can do—and many times even better.
Many girls deal with low self-esteem issues, and I feel that being a coach at CVFC allows me to create the environment needed for girls to grow into strong, successful athletes and people! 
Besides, receiving the coaching support and methodological resources from the club to ensure that the girls’ program has equal access to quality fields, equipment, and coaching is the key to my success as a Chula Vista FC girls’ soccer coach!
It is an honor to earn the trust of the club, the parents, and most especially, the players. When we all work together, we are all successful!
We asked Coach Joey what it means to coach a girls’ team at Chula Vista FC with this new shift.
It is exciting to see what we can build for our girls' program. I feel that through our new coaching technique and agenda, we will be able to provide the best for each player and build an excellent girls' program and future for Chula Vista soccer.
The club is focusing on a long-term development plan. Currently, the club is concentrating on girls born during or after the year 2008. There are a few openings in our current teams. We are seeking girls born in the following years:
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
If you wish to come out to practice, please sign up via the club tryout request form.

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