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New Girls Program

Chula Vista FC has had very successful girl teams, but it has also had gaps in some ages. In 2017–2018, our GU19 squad reached the final of the National Cup, which was an excellent example of our success. We have also been invited to play versus Club Tijuana Xolos Femenil (professional women's team) at Estadio Caliente and hosted them here at Eastlake High School in a home and away setup. Despite the success in some age groups, we have also had age groups without a team, and it is hard to develop players without continuity. 
Our technical director, J. Hector Diaz, says, "The success of our boys' program is players that have been in our program through a long process of development. Players peak around 25 to 30 year of age, so the development is a continuous process. Those that have stayed have seen their team progressed in the level of play. An example is our B2008 reaching the final of State Cup, and another example is players like Adrian Cota that have progressed from an AA-C team into our top Development Academy team this past season."
Our girls' program should not have a different director than our boys' program, so our young girls and boys will start in Zone 0 under the direction of Luis Leon. They will then move on to Zone 1, where Humberto "Beto" Rico will oversee the program and the continued development. All will follow Chula Vista FC's methodology development and continue being enhanced by Director of Coaching Ruben Caño and Technical Director J. Hector Diaz. 
Moving forward, we will focus on the younger age groups for the girls' side more than ever. We will subsidize the cost of any new girl who joins our club born in the years 2011 through 2013. The registration cost will be reduced to only $100 for the 2019-2020 season. Want to join our program? Request a tryout today!

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